Educational & Global Partnerships

We work with varieties of organizations, companies, and others to help strengthening both educational services and network to be offered. We are available and welcome you to have possible collaboration and partnerships, let’s grow together!

Northern Light Academy

Northern Light Academy (NOLA) is a Private Learning Center. NOLA provides international education programs and courses for children between 3-18, a dream-come-true school that gets its inspiration from world-famous Finnish education.
With Zerist Studio Fashion Design Curriculum coming to offer foundational, introductory to intermediate levels, both online and offline learning experiences with creative and inspiring modules.

Universal International Education Consultant

Universal services focus in international education consultancy, international enrichment experience, and international education networking.
With continuous collaborations, we have succeeded to help aspiring students in applying to fashion schools abroad with awards and achievements, especially to the Fashion Studies of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Singapore.

IK Sewing Class

IK Sewing Class specialized in conducting offline sewing lessons located in West Jakarta and Bekasi, Indonesia. Starting from a foundational lesson in pattern making to sewing.
From a seasonal collaborative workshop held between Zerist Studio and IK Sewing Class, to special collaborative hybrid class were offered.

SMK Pancasila I

SMK Pancasila I, Ambulu, Indonesia, has been introduced to fashion design, by our favorite tutor on site. It was a great collaborative movement for both Zerist Studio and SMK Pancasila I that the fashion industry is being introduced for the students who are eager to learn yet never had the opportunity.
With a strong background of marketing and business management the students were specialized in, job opportunities for them to apply in the fashion industry is widely opened and made possible.

University of Indonesia Fashion Club

MOUI Course: Future Designer is an innovative platform built by the University of Indonesia Fashion Club members. This year seasonal theme Radiant Reflections: Embracing Diverse Beauty is held with a special collaboration with Zerist Studio and is focused on the Fashion Design and Development module. With this, we are guiding the participants with updated curriculums and expecting creative artworks resulting in high-quality portfolios that would boost their career into the fashion industry.