Patchwork Scrunchie Workshop

Our patchwork scrunchie workshop is a hands-on crafting experience where participants create their own unique hair scrunchie using patchwork techniques. Participants choose their own scraps fabrics from us, combine them in creative patterns, learn to sew them together to make stylish scrunchies. Unleash your inner fashionista as you design, craft, and take home your own one of a kind hair scrunchies.

Suminagashi Workshop

Dive into the enchanting world of Suminagashi at our workshop! Learn the ancient Japanese art of water marbling. Using our pigmented sumi ink and water, participant will learn to manipulate and transfer patterns onto paper and fabric, resulting in beautiful, unique, and ethereal patterns.

Fashion Winter Camp Workshop

Immerse yourself in our 3 days exclusive fashion camp workshop Zerist Studio x Universal Education Solution Partner!Unleash your creativity through hands-on activities, including Hand Stitch Smocking Technique, Eco Print Making, Flower Applique Making Into Brooch, Collage Making Customer Profile x Styling, and Introduction to Portfolio. Elevate your art and design skill with us!

Bracelet Making Workshop

Get into the festive spirit with our Christmas Bracelet Making Workshop! Learn the art of macramé to craft a unique and stylish bracelets for you or your special someone. Have a merry and hands on experience, where you will leave with not just a bracelet but also the joy of creating something special for the season!


Many other events we participated were short and quick. Do follow us on social media for daily updates and future plans.

Before and After

From style in arts and design, to the phase in improvement are following each student personalization. We try to work on each possibility where students can improve and be their best once they completed the course. And this can only be completed with their personal willingness to practice and hard work.